COVID-19 is reshaping our economic and political systems. This virus is the largest public health crisis our generation has ever seen and it’s creating the conditions for economic collapse. This is a scary moment that Donald Trump is grossly unprepared to lead us through. As a movement, we are fighting for a People’s Bailout that demands that:

  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.
  2. Economic relief is provided directly to the people, not to corporations.
  3. Investments are made in a regenerative economy that helps prevent future crises.
  4. Democracy, and our communities, are protected through expanding online voter registration and vote by mail.

This moment calls for swift action from our elected leaders. As the political landscape shifts underneath our feet, things that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago—like a universal basic income, free medical care, and canceling student debt—are now being discussed by Congress. This moment, as terrifying and horrible as it is, has presented us with an opportunity to make serious progress as a country.

Most critically, we need to support our communities. Our generation is resilient and now is a moment for us to help each other process what is happening, offer help when it’s needed, and remind each other that we are in this together. We’ve also launched a rapid response network to provide a space for processing and discussion, receive updates on how the broader movement is reacting to Covid-19, and to coordinate our actions and responses.

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Refund 2020 Spring Semester

Target: University System of New Hampshire Board Of Trustees

All across New Hampshire, colleges and universities have abruptly closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This necessary action will limit the spread of the virus, however, it has forced students to be evicted from their dorms and has left many without the security of meals or safe housing. Without access to residence halls and on-campus jobs many students are left without a home or a source of income and struggle to pay for rent, food and healthcare.

With this sudden change, it has left the most vulnerable students in a place of unknown. COVID-19 has shined a light on how academic institutions don’t make space for our most vulnerable communities, homeless students, students of color, queer students, and international students are left without proper resources to stay healthy and safe during this pandemic. On top of this, millions of people are being economically paralyzed by student loan payments as our economy crashes and we are laid off.

To address this crisis we are calling on The University Systems Of New Hampshire and Governor Sununu to refund every students tuition and fees for the spring semester of 2020.

With everyday being worse than the one before, this economic stimulus is what young Granite Staters all across the state need.

Stimulate The Economy

Our economy is collapsing. Millions of people are being laid off and it could be months before people are able to go back to work. Small businesses are going under and our debt continues to grow, all as our loved ones are getting sick.

Canceling student debt is the boost our economy needs right now. Canceling all 1.7 trillion dollars of student debt would jumpstart the US economy. The economic benefits spread through every sector of the economy and make a direct impact in working people's lives. Especially people of our generation.

There is a bill on the table that could cancel all our student debt. New Hampshire's congressional delegation is undecided. Will you urge them to include abolishing student debt in a People's Bailout?

In this moment of crisis we need a People's Bailout. That means a direct investment in the working people across this country who are struggling. Time and time again when economic crises hit we see our political leaders bailout Wall Street while leaving Main Street out to dry. We will not allow this to happen again. In addition to canceling student debt a People's Bailout must include:

  1. Free Healthcare, including testing and treatment for all people
  2. Universal basic income of $2,000 for all
  3. Freeze the collection of rent/mortgage, medical debt, auto and utility payments
  4. Freeze on ICE raids, deportation, and detention of people who can’t pay bail

We look to our friends and allies in other movements to expand upon their vision of a People's Bailout.

All across our state, students and staff who rely on New Hampshire’s higher education system are facing hardships in the face of COVID-19. Students with campus housing have been left without a home. Working class people with university jobs have been left without income. Regrettably, those relying on the systems in place at our schools for food, income, housing, and other basic needs have been left behind.

While New Hampshire Youth Movement commends the efforts of university administration and elected officials to protect students during this crisis, there is a  necessity to support folks whose needs are going unmet.

Our mission is to win a livable future for young people. We do this through fighting for a Green New Deal, Free College for All, and Medicare for All. Although a great deal  of our work fights for changing the future, it is not lost on us that changing folks’ present situations during this time is crucial.

With your help and generosity, we can help New Hampshire youth and university staff who are facing displacement and financial insecurity due to COVID-19 procedures. Your donations of any amount will go towards meeting New Hampshire’s basic needs such as housing, food, bill payments, and healthcare costs. By donating to

the NHYM relief fund, you are helping lend a hand to our community members who need us, now more than ever.