Invest in social programs that make our community stronger, not police that tear it apart.

It’s time we talk about how we can Defund the Police

Invest in Social Programs that make our community stronger, not Police that tear our communities apart.

Defunding the Police will  revamp Community Services 

At this pivotal moment in history, NH Youth Movement unequivocally stands with the Movement for Black Lives in their demands to defund the police. As a predominantly white organization, we know that we will never experience the same police violence that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) face every day-- but we do know that our liberation is intertwined with theirs.
When we defund the police, we create a safer and more just system where we reinvest in supporting our communities, rather than policing them. Defunding the police would make available the money to truly solve problems like access to mental health services and homelessness, rather than masking these problems by hiding their victims away in prison cells. In the words of Angela Davis, “Prisons do not disappear social problems, they disappear human beings.”
We have been fighting for young people in New Hampshire and beyond to have a livable future-- where everyone can get healthcare or go to college without acquiring crippling debt, where the people and places we love are safe from the climate crisis, and where our communities prioritize restorative justice. Our generation is facing many overlapping of crises and need to find solutions that address multiple problems at once. That is why we are calling for defunding police and investing in communities.
We have the resources to make New Hampshire a place where young people can thrive. As the violence police inflict on BIPOC communities is brought into the spotlight, we have an opportunity to redirect money being wasted on violence to programs that will help people meet their basic needs (and prevent crime by doing so) and lessen the workload of police officers who currently act as a backstop for the many problems our communities face.
Invest In A Livable Future