Medicare for All

Send a Letter To Ask Your Congressional Representatives To Support Medicare For All

This summer, we're asking candidates to support Medicare For All because healthcare is a basic human right, and single payer healthcare is the only way we can make sure everyone has access to it.

Only 7 of 2020’s democratic candidates support Medicare For All, a plan developed by Bernie Sanders. So far, New Hampshire’s two senators and two representatives do NOT support the plan.

Can you send a letter to them and ask that they support Medicare For All?

Every American deserves to be healthy, and every American deserves to afford it. Help be a part of a massive push to make our world, and our state, a better place.


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If you already sent an email, call your reps and ask them to sign on Sander’s Medicare For All plan. It’s time that all of us can afford to live a healthy and safe life.

  • Representative Chris Pappas: (603) 285-4300
  • Representative Annie Kuster: (603) 226-1002
  • Senator Jean Shaheen: (202) 224-2841
  • Senator Maggie Hassan: (202) 224-3324