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We just launched the #YouthAgenda with students and young people from around our state. The #YouthAgenda presents three visionary goals:

  • Tuition-free higher education system for New Hampshire students to provide equal opportunity for all.

  • A New Hampshire Green New Deal that invests in green jobs and transitions our state from fossil fuels to a 100% clean energy economy.

  • Ensure that every eligible Granite Stater is able to exercise their right to vote, including the modern mobile workforce, residential students, and homeless Granite Staters.

We know these are three lofty goals and we may not achieve them this legislative cycle but we can make huge steps towards our vision of a New Hampshire that works for everyone. This is the first time in history the young people of New Hampshire have presented united demands to out state legislature.

Now we need to mobilize young people across New Hampshire to urge our elected representatives to sign on to the #YouthAgenda. Join our mass call Wednesday December 19th from 7:00pm-8:00pm to learn how you can make sure we pass landmark legislation in 2019 to make New Hampshire a state that works for all of us. 

What: A mass call to plan our work around the #YouthAgenda in 2019

When: December 19th from 7:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Zoom Online Meetings (We'll send you an email with the link after you sign up!)