1. A livable wage that allows everyone to maintain an adequate standard of living
  2. Quality public education from kindergarten through college or technical schools  for all people
  3. Ensure the wealthiest people and corporations pay their fair share to address income inequality and fund critical public services and infrastructure
  4. Equal pay for equal work regardless of gender identity


  1. Legal protection from discrimination for LGBTQIAP+ people
  2. A clear, simple pathway to citizenship and permanent protection for the rights of all immigrants
  3. An end to racism in our justice system
    • Demilitarization of our police departments
    • An end to privatized prisons
    • Community review, accountability systems, more community policing and education efforts in anti-oppression and race sensitivity training


  1. A representative democracy that gets big money out of politics, publicly funded elections and has fair redistricting rules
    • Automatic voter registration
    • Declare election days national holidays
  2. A free and accessible internet
  3. Stopping voter suppression in all forms


  1. A just transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy
    • No new fossil fuel infrastructure
    • Investment in equitable renewable energy
    • An end to government subsidies for fossil fuel corporations
  2. A single-payer healthcare system that guarantees coverage for all
    • Inclusive healthcare for LGBTQIAP+ people
    • Protected access to reproductive health resources including birth control and abortions for all people
  3. Common sense gun regulations
    • Universal background checks
    • Smaller magazine capacities
  4. Legalization and taxation of marijuana
    • Release people convicted for solely marijuana-related offenses and expunge their records
  5. Just transition away from wasteful Pentagon spending to fund human needs
    • Prioritize diplomacy before war
    • Invest in supporting our veterans
Invest In A Livable Future