We are a movement of young people transforming our political system so it serves and is led by the people it has left behind.


Imagine a New Hampshire where anyone can afford to go to college, where people can get good jobs building renewable energy, where people struggling with addiction and mental illness can get the support they need, and where everyone has a roof over their head. This is the New Hampshire we’re fighting for.

We demand that our elected officials take the climate crisis seriously and pass a Green New Deal for New Hampshire.

We demand that Governor Sununu stop blocking climate action and accepting contributions from fossil fuel companies, and use his office to pass policies to bring thousands of green jobs to NH. We also demand that Senators Hassan and Shaheen use their power in the Senate to champion Green New Deal policies in the Senate Reconciliation Bill that combat the climate crisis at scale.


Like all living organisms, social movements have DNA: Instructions guiding how the movement develops over time.

Our DNA is built on four main pillars: Story, Strategy, Structure and Culture. Together, these components produce the blueprint of our movement. They inform how people relate to each other, how they understand the meaning and purpose of the movement, how they are going to take action and win, how we will carry our values through practice and protect the movement from threats, and how they are going to grow and make decisions.


To learn more about these four pillars of our DNA, click on any of the drop down icons below to learn more!

This is the story of how we arrived in this political moment and why we exist.
This is our plan to win a livable future where everyone's needs are met.
This is where you can learn about where to get plugged into the movement.
This is the set of principles that guides our movement and binds us together.


This is our movement calendar! Below, you'll find an up to date listing of all of our events, actions and meetings. To sign up for one, just click the on the event, and there should be a sign up link you can go to and fill out! 

Invest In A Livable Future