Deep Canvass With NHYM This Summer!

Deep canvassing is the only tactic that has been proven to change peoples’ minds on tough issues in a lasting way. And it’s being used both to persuade conflicted voters and to persuade people in our base TO vote in the first place. And it was not created in a lab. It’s the product of the tireless work of many organizers and volunteers in the field of the course of 12 years!


This summer, we're going to be Deep Canvassing all across New Hampshire to talk to community members in person or over the phone about Sununu's ban on "Divisive" Concepts in public schools. This was a provision that was put into the state budget last year, and basically it bans the teaching of what legislators call “divisive concepts” in schools, specifically around racism and sexism in history and current times.

The definition of “divisive concepts” they give is intentionally really vague, and it’s caused schools to pretty much cut out teaching in depth about these topics. We believe that it's crucial for students in New Hampshire to have the opportunity to engage in open and honest conversations about the history of this country, and the systems of oppressions that have existed in our communities since its founding.

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