We define a Hub as any group of at least three people organizing in their community under our movement's vision for a New Hampshire where everyone's basic needs are met with dignity.

High School Program

High School Programs are specific groups of organizers working together under the movement's shared vision for the world.


Teams are avenues for people to take on roles within our movement outside of hubs. They focus on areas like Digital, Communications, Trainings, Culture & Community!



Check our Hub Map to see if there's a hub near you and click to sign up for your local hub!



The Culture/Community Team act as guardians of our movement culture. They work very intentionally to maintain a positive culture and strengthen the NHYM community through organizing fun/relational events.



The Digital / Communications Team holds to voice of our movement, they work to further our message and uplift our work through all forms of digital and traditional media. (social media, blogposts, press work, etc)



The Trainings Team crafts our movement's training program! This team works to train up all of our members on the skills, strategy, tactics, and political education we need to build a winning movement.

High School Programs

The High School Program is a group for high school aged people in NH to build community, discuss the issues that matter to us, and take action to our voices heard. We develop organizing skills and knowledge, and plan powerful events and direct actions while following elections and current legislations. We lead our own campaigns in addition to supporting the broader movement.

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