Our vision is to win in a livable future where everyone’s needs are met through collective liberation. This is a world where everyone receives quality medical care, housing, and education. Where our communities no longer face the constant threat of climate catastrophe and police brutality. Instead we thrive under a new system that we built together after dismantling the systems of oppression that divided us and held us down.

Our mission is to build a movement of young people to transform our political system so it serves and is led by the people it has left behind.To win a world where everyone’s needs are met will require a massive government intervention. The leaders we’ve counted on to represent us have let us down time and time again. When given the chance to lead, they stumble, when given the chance to be bold, they’re bland. We are creating the conditions for a new generation of leaders who share our vision of the world.

Our Strategy

Grow Our Movement by Providing Community Care and Political Education: This means building meaningful relationships in our communities and showing up when people need help. From there, we bring new people into our movement by sharing our political analysis, our vision for the world, and giving people the tools and knowledge they need to join the fight.

Polarize the Public Around Progressive Issues to Win a Broad Base of Public Support: In addition to bringing people into our movement we need to sway public opinion in support of bold government action for the common good. We can do this by organizing moral protests that force people to choose a side.

Mobilize to Elect Lawmakers Who Share our Vision of the World: Growing our movement and building public support helps to create the conditions for bold progressive leaders to gain traction. Once this happens we mobilize our communities to strategically engage in elections to help our movement gain political power

Pass Policies that Improve People's Lives: By passing legislation that prioritizes public education, affordable homes, and healthcare over racist police departments, fossil fuel subsidies, and tax cuts for the wealthy we can transform New Hampshire into a place where everyone can thrive.

Invest In A Livable Future