Who We Are

Our Story

We are building a movement of young people to transform our political system so it serves; and is led by; the people it has left behind. We’ve watched the political and economic elite abuse their power to serve themselves and perpetuate systems of oppression that divide us based on our race, the money in our pockets, where we live, who we love, and who we are.

We struggle to pay our bills and protect our communities from the crises they create, while corrupt politicians get rich and fuel the fire. They keep our wages low and the cost of education, housing, and medical care high. They turn a blind eye to the climate crisis to count their profits while fires rage and floods rise. Their actions hit marginalized communities the hardest, and that’s no coincidence. Through all this chaos and destruction, they had the audacity to tell us our struggles were a result of our choices and our work ethic. 

Now, more and more people are waking up to the fact that their hardship is the result of a rigged system. So, we are bringing people across the state together by supporting our communities through ongoing crises, unlearning oppressive mindsets and confronting systems that divide us. Together we are fighting to win collective liberation by reclaiming our government and ensuring all of our basic needs are met with dignity. 

Our Strategy

Our vision is to win in a livable future where everyone’s needs are met through collective liberation. This is a world where everyone receives quality medical care, housing, and education. Where we thrive under a new system that we built together after dismantling the systems of oppression that divided us and held us down.

Our mission is to build a movement of young people to transform our political system so it serves and is led by the people it has left behind.To win a world where everyone’s needs are met will require a massive government intervention. The leaders we’ve counted on to represent us have let us down time and time again.  We are creating the conditions for a new generation of leaders who share our vision of the world.

Our Structure

Across New Hampshire, we are creating hubs that are working under a shared set of values and principles to build collective power in our communities. These hubs will come together during major days of action and key elections while continually growing in their communities. From town elections to demonstrations, every community has a reason to rise up and the right to fight back.

The New Hampshire Youth Movement is for everyone, and getting started is simple. Local leaders are launching hubs by organizing their own training and actions. Together, we will unite to fight the political establishment and create a future for the young people of New Hampshire.

Our Culture

We come together around this shared set of values and practices. These principles are our agreement as a movement. It is our job to hold every member and hub of NH Youth Movement to this set of principles.

1 We are a movement of young people transforming our political system so it serves, and is led by, the people it has left behind. We are fighting for this change in New Hampshire, and we are a part of a much larger movement to win this change across the country.

2 We build power. We build people power by creating a moral crisis that polarizes the public around our issues and forces them to take a stand. We build political power by putting young, diverse, working people who share our vision of the world into positions of power to pass policies that improve our communities’ lives. We are always growing our movement through political education, outreach, and community care.

3 We are here to win. We stay grounded in achieving our goals; we use strategies and tactics that move us closer to them. We acknowledge that we may need to strategically support candidates who are imperfect. We make nimble, strategic decisions that fit the moment.

4 We grow together. We help each other grow into the best people and leaders we can be. We share our skills and knowledge; we are all students and teachers. We take initiative to step into leadership. We learn from our mistakes. As we grow, we practice empathy and vulnerability to keep us strong and connected.

5 We share our stories and stake. We share the stories of our experiences that move us to do this work. We value that everyone has a different reason to fight. We strengthen our connection by understanding each other’s stake.

6 We connect with our communities. We are active members of our towns and cities. We talk to our neighbors and bring them into our movement. We listen to what communities need and help them get it through our campaigns and mutual aid.

7 We practice self-care and community care. We keep ourselves and each other well so our work is sustainable. We do our best work when we are our best selves. We care deeply for each other, our movement, and our communities.

8 We keep each other safe. We protect ourselves, each other, and our communities. We value safety in our decisions about strategy and tactics. There is power in numbers and we are stronger when everyone feels safe.

9 We fight for the liberation of all people. We collectively unlearn oppressive practices and confront the systems that divide us based on our race, the money in our pockets, where we live, who we love and who we are. We welcome all people from all paths of life because we know our differences make us stronger.

10 We share joy. We work hard, and inevitably there are hard days, but we bring a spirit of joy and hope to our work. We celebrate boldly in the face of the oppressive systems we fight. Making change is a fulfilling and joyful process, and we let that show.

Invest In A Livable Future