Who We Are

Our Story

We are young people struggling with massive debt, worried about losing our homes and families to climate change, and not finding hope in the future of our state. Over the past decades New Hampshire has failed to address these issues and create a state where young people thrive. Our elected officials have failed time and time again to represent the true needs of our communities.  Students and young people in NH carry an incredible amount of political power and it’s time we start using it.

For that we are creating a network of young people across NH working collectively to further a united political platform-- one that represents our values. Through strategic action we as young people, students, and community members are reclaiming the political system so it works for all of us.

Our Strategy

Young people of New Hampshire are coming together to build a better future of our state. We share a common vision for how our government should work and values they should uphold.  Because our views have not been taken seriously, we are uniting our voices under a platform of policies that represents a state where young people thrive.

  To further our platform we will train our communities on pressuring political figures to support our platform. Politicians that support our values will be endorsed by the New Hampshire Youth Movement and our network will work to elect them. We expose the politicians who do not and force them to explain why they don’t support the youth of New Hampshire. Together we are going to win back a government for young people in 2018 and beyond.

Our Structure

Across New Hampshire we are creating hubs that are working under a shared set of values and principles to build collective power in our communities. These hubs will come together during major days of actions and key elections while continually growing in their communities. From town elections to demonstrations, every community has a reason to rise up and the right to fight back.

The New Hampshire Youth Movement is for everyone, and getting started is simple. Local leaders are launching hubs by organizing their own trainings and actions. Together, we will unite to fight the political establishment and create a future for the young people of New Hampshire.

Our Principles

These principles are our agreement as a movement. Actions that violate these are not NHYM actions. It is our job to hold every member and hub of the NHYM accountable.

1. We’ve felt first hand how the youth have been left out of the political process. Elected officials want our votes, not our voices. As young people, we have a stake in the future of this state. We deserve to have our voices heard so we can lead the way forward.

2. We believe in the power of the vote. Young people carry an incredible amount of political power in New Hampshire. The youth vote has been the deciding factor for major elections. Our votes make up the margin of victory. When we vote, we win.Now it is time to use our political power to elect politicians that will stand up for our values.

3. We are focused on furthering our platform. We acknowledge that we may need to strategically support candidates who are imperfect, however we do not compromise the underlying values of our movement.

4. We hold elected officials accountable. Our work does not stop on election day. If we want a future for young people, we must ensure our politicians are continuously working with us.

5. We are non-violent. We do not support the use of violent tactics to further our message. There is power in number and we are stronger when everyone feels welcome in the movement.

6. We take initiative. We believe in creating space for people to grow into their own as leaders. We believe in everyone’s ability to make decisions for the movement. We share our skills and grow together. Everyone is a teacher and a student.

7. We believe people know what is best for their communities. Therefore, our actions and demonstrations are supported by our communities.

8. We acknowledge everyone fights for different reasons. We do not judge others for why they’re fighting. Instead, we believe in a shared stake and collective liberation.

9. We acknowledge mistakes and encourage growth. We prioritize our relationships with each other. We maintain a culture of empathy and vulnerability to keep us strong and connected.

10. We believe in self care. We cannot have a healthy movement without healthy people. We do our best work when we are our best selves. We support each other.