New Hampshire Youth Movement J-Term: Party at the Primary Fellowship

New Hampshire Youth Movement (NHYM) is bringing young people from across the US to be Party at the Primary Fellows and throw down in the first in the nation primary.


  • Winning the New Hampshire Primary can fast track a progressive candidate to the white house. Since 1972, there has not been a single candidate to win the nomination of a major party without placing at least second in either Iowa or New Hampshire. The rest of the country is heavily influenced by the results of early election states. If we can ensure a progressive candidate wins New Hampshire it could give them the edge they need to win the nomination.
  • The new American majority can make up the margin of victory for a progressive candidate if we vote. Elections in New Hampshire can come down to just a few thousand votes. In 2016 Clinton won the general election by just 2736 votes. If young people, rural voters, folks of color, and women turn out they can easily make up the margin of victory for candidates that support our values. 
  • We need emerging leaders from around the country to help us throw down so we can win. With help from our allies across the country we can ensure a progressive champion wins the most influential primary of the most important election of our lives.

Political Education & Skill Building

  • Seasoned Trainers: Fellows will participate in an intensive two day training lead by movement leaders from around the country.
  • Political Education: Trainers will offer political analysis on how we arrived in the political moment we are in and a clear pathway to the future we want.
  • Skill Building: Fellows will have the chance to sharpen their electoral skills from seasoned organizers. Trainers will cover the fundamentals and the hottest tips and tricks of canvassing, bird-dogging, and other movement building tools.

Holding Candidates Accountable

  • Pushing the Issues: The New Hampshire Primary provides an incredible opportunity to get candidates on the record about this issues that matter to young people. Fellows will ask candidates tough questions and take creative action to demand bold policy positions.
  • Changing the Story: The stories of young people interacting with candidates will be told through traditional and social media.
  • Influencing the Voters: When young people hear candidates talking about the issues they care about they are far more likely to actually get out and vote.

Turning Out Progressive Voters

  • Direct Voter Contact: Fellows will distribute voter guides and collect pledge to vote cards by tabling, crowd canvassing, and door knocking.
  • New American Majority: New Hampshire Youth Movement will be coordinating with America Votes to turn out women, youth, people of color and rural voters.
  • National Influence: The New Hampshire Primary has a huge influence on primary process. Turning out the new American Majority could give a progressive candidate the edge they need to win the Democratic nomination.


Intensive Program

The intensive program will start on January 6th and end on January 20th. New Hampshire Youth Movement will provide housing, meals and transportation for full-time volunteers during this time.

Drop In Program

The drop in program runs from January 6th to February 11th. This is an opportunity for New Englanders to take day trips to New Hampshire and plug into our get out the vote and candidates accountability program.

What We’re Offering

  • A chance to ask presidential candidates your burning questions
  • Intensive trainings from seasoned organizers to build your electoral skills
  • First hand experience in an intensive Get-Out-The-Vote operation
  • Housing during your time as a Party at the Primary participant (intensive program only)
  • Three meals a day (intensive program only)
  • Transportation to and from Party at the Primary activities (intensive program only)

What We’re Asking

  • Full time participation in GOTV programming each week as outlined by their organizer
  • Chip in what you can to help cover the costs of the program and connect us with people you know in New Hampshire who can offer support
  • Bring the excitement of the First in the Nation Primary home with you and organize young people in your community to turn out in 2020


This program is going to cost us about $2,500 per participant. At New Hampshire Youth Movement we carry a strong culture of asking for what we need and giving what we can. Fellows are being asked to chip in what they can to help cover the cost of the program. New Hampshire Youth Movement is also reaching out to its network to find solidarity housing, transportation, and meals to help lower the cost of the program.

Acceptance Timeline

  • 10/1-12/20 - Open Applications