Pledge to Vote

Elections in New Hampshire can come down to just a few thousand votes. In 2016 Clinton and Hassan won New Hampshire by just razor thin margins. The youth vote can easily make up the margin of victory for candidates that support our values. Will you pledge to vote in the New Hampshire Primary for a candidate that will stand with young people.

Our planet and it's habitability is at stake this election. Scientists tell us that we have less than 10 years left to prevent irreversible damage from the climate crisis. Our ability to act on the climate crisis depends on who we elect to be our president. We need a president that is committed to passing a just and robust Green New Deal.

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare regardless of their ability to pay. People across this country are drowning in medical debt just to receive the services they need to stay alive while pharmaceutical and insurance executives accrue unimaginable wealth. To address the healthcare crisis, we must elect a candidate who will fight for Medicare for All system that includes everyone and eliminates private insurance companies.
Students and alumni are drowning in debt while private loan providers are making obscene amounts of money. Providing free college for all will be a massive investment in our work force and our economy. We can build a system that eliminate tuition and fees at all public colleges and all existing student debt if we turn out to vote for a candidate who will fight with us.

We have an incredible opportunity to elect a president that will stand with young people so that we can have a just and livable future. Will you pledge to vote with us?

Invest In A Livable Future