I have described myself as a leftist for some time now. I find that the more I become informed, the farther left I travel on the political spectrum. After the election, I found myself feeling more helpless than ever before. Attending the NHYM’s launch event rather changed that for me. Here was a group of my peers who upheld the same values I did about the environment, social justice, and economics. I felt empowered hearing my peers talk. I knew in that moment that I did have the power to resist. I despise injustice more than I do much else. As a bisexual, androgynous, mentally ill individual, finding a group that would aid me in upholding my goals for social progress meant the world to me. In line with my anxiety, I deeply appreciate how much the NHYM values mental health. I am a full-time student with chronic anxiety, and each and every member respects that. As my dear friend reminds me, I cannot serve my community if I am not healthy enough to do so.

My name is Helen Barkworth.

My pronouns are she/her/hers.

I am so proud to be a part of this brave organization.

Invest In A Livable Future