We are young Granite Staters who demand a New Hampshire that works for everyone. Every year, young Granite Staters turn out to vote en masse, but we’re not just voting for politicians – we’re voting for policies to change our state for the better. This document lays out the policy priorities that our coalition will be organizing on in this upcoming legislative session to improve the lives of young people.

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Sign on below to support legislation that brings us closer to the mission of the Youth Agenda to ensure tuition-free higher education, create green jobs while addressing climate change, and ensuring young people's voting rights. These policies will make New Hampshire stronger and keep young Granite Staters in the state.

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Right now, Granite Staters graduate with the highest student debt burden in the country. We need a free higher education system for New Hampshire students to provide equal opportunity for all.

  1. Increase state budget funding to the University System of New Hampshire and the Community College System of NH, to lower tuition by 28% to the national average in-state tuition
  2. Create a plan to develop a loan forgiveness program for New Hampshire students.
  3. Increase state funding for the Job Training Fund to encourage local businesses to train our workforce
  4. Pass a law to protect the rights of student borrowers to seek justice when defrauded by institutes of higher education

Studies show we have 12 years left to limit the catastrophic effects of climate change. We need to invest in green jobs and transitions our state from fossil fuels to a 100% clean energy economy.

  1. Demand that Governor Sununu request a federal task force to investigate offshore wind and the Office of Strategic Initiatives develops a plan to create a training program that ensures Granite Staters jobs in the growing offshore wind market.
  2. No new large scale fossil fuel transmission or generation projects.
  3. Increase our Renewable Portfolio Standards to bring us to 100% renewable energy by 2050.
  4. Use funding from the Regional Greenhouse Gas initiative (RGGI) to invest in low income energy efficiency, more efficient school and municipal buildings, and clean tech jobs.
  5. Pass proactive legislation that lifts net metering caps, requires utilities to study and implement battery storage pilot programs, and eliminates Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) sweeping.
  6. Add consumer tax credits for home energy efficiency audits & improvements

Our right to vote is under attack, in New Hampshire and across the country. We need to ensure that every eligible Granite Stater is able to exercise their right to vote, including the modern mobile workforce, residential students, and homeless Granite Staters.

  1. Protect every eligible student’s constitutional right to vote in New Hampshire by fixing HB 1264 and repealing SB 3
  2. Pass a secure and modern voter registration system that will allow eligible voters to register online and through state agencies.
  3. Pass no-excuse absentee voting

We also join leaders across the state to demand that the New Hampshire legislature:

  1. Create opportunities to pull young people out of the opioid crisis
  2. Pass a living wage for all, including an end to the tipped wage
  3. Pass paid family and medical leave
  4. Abolish the death penalty
  5. Legalize cannabis and pass comprehensive criminal justice reform, including annulling convictions for possession of small amounts of cannabis
  6. Protect equal access to reproductive healthcare and safe, legal abortion services
  7. Pass common-sense gun violence prevention
  8. Protect renters rights and expand affordable housing
  9. Ensure affordable and quality access to healthcare for all
  10. Defend our immigrant neighbors from illegal searches, harassment, and deportation
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